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JSI Tip 1831. Could Not Find Domain Controller for This Domain, while establishing a trust?

If the Domain Master Browser NetBios name and Domain Controller NetBIOS name are not registered in WINS, because replication is not occuring, the subject problem will manifest itself.

To fix the problem, create or edit your %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers\Etc\LMHOSTS file, using a text editor:

<IP Address of Trusted PDC> <Trusted PDC Name> #PRE #DOM:<Trusted Domain Name>
<IP Address of Trusted PDC> "<Trusted Domain Name> \0x1b" #PRE

where the text within the quotes (") is exactly 20 characters. You can use the following template:


to insure that the spacing is exact.

Use Control Panel / Network / Protocols / TCP/IP / Properties / WINS tab.

Check the Enable LMHOSTS Lookup box and click OK.

Click Yes when prompted to restart your PDC.

NOTE: Make sure the RestrictAnonymous is not set on your PDC or the Trusted PDC.

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