JSI Tip 10191. You must manually update drivers for PlaysForSure devices from MSC to MTP in Windows XP?

Some PlaysForSure portable media players install as MSC (Mass Storage Class) storage volumes and do not automatically upgrade to the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) protocol when you install third-party media device applications that make an appropriate MTP driver available.

NOTE: When you upgrade to Windows Media Player 10, devices are automatically upgraded to MTP if a driver is available.

NOTE: Some portable media player devices will install with MTP drivers if they are found, otherwise, they install as MSC storage volumes, which work automatically, but cannot copy or play Windows Media Rights Manager 10 subscription content. A device must use MTP to copy or to play Windows Media Rights Manager 10 subscription content.

To upgrade a dual mode device to MTP, a user must manually uninstall the device in devmgmt.msc (Device Manager) and then press Scan for new devices on the Action menu (in Device Manager).

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