JSI Tip 10116. What are the Windows XP file grouping options within folders?

In addition to How can I modify folder view settings or customize a folder, Windows XP provides some new ways to arrange files when you view them in special folders, such as My Music, My Pictures, or My Videos folders. When a folder is open, you can use any of the viewing options on the View menu, which change with folder content:

Show in Groups

Show in Groups is available for the Thumbnails, Tiles, Icons, and Details views.


Thumbnails view displays the images a folder contains on a folder icon so that you can tell at a glance which folder contains the pictures you want. Windows displays up to four images on a folder background, but you can choose one picture to identify the folder.


Tiles view displays your files and folders as large icons and the type of information you select is displayed under the name, such as Microsoft Word document if you sort by type.


Filmstrip view displays a single row of thumbnail images for picture folders. You can scroll the list and select a thumbnail to be enlarged. To manipulate the picture, double-click the thumbnail image.


Icons view displays your files and folders as icons with the object name beneath.


List view displays the contents of a folder as a list of file or folder names preceded by small icons.


Details view lists the contents of a folder with some detailed information about the objects, like , type, size, and date modified. You can choose the details to be displayed by pressing Choose Details on the View menu.

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