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JSI Tip 0879. NET TIME / DOMAIN:DomainName does not work as expected.

When you issue a NET TIME / DOMAIN:<DomainName> /SET /Y from a client, instead of synchronizing with the domain time source, the PDC is used to synchronize the client's time.

In tip 087, we learned how to configure a time source for the domain. You would expect a NET TIME / DOMAIN:<DomainName> /SET /Y to synchronize the with domain time source, but it doesn't.

To synchronize with a domain time source, issue a NET TIME /SET /Y. This causes the client to obtain a browse list from the domain in which it is a member, select a time source from the list, and request a synchronization.

You can specify the computer you wish to synchronize with by issuing a

NET TIME \\<ComputerName> /SET /Y or a NET TIME \\<IP Address> /SET /Y.

You can also issue a NET TIME \\%LOGONSERVER% /SET /Y to synchronize with the computer that validated your logon. ( W9x clients must set this variable - see tip 120 ).

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