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JSI Tip 0861. How do I configure a W95 TCP/IP client to logon to a Windows NT domain via DUN?

To enable a W95 TCP/IP client to logon to a Windows NT 4.0 domain that has a RAS or RRAS server and to be able to browse the network, you must have the latest DUN client software, you must not have a NIC, your workgroup name must match the domain name, and your must be able to locate the PDC.

To accomplish these four requirements:

1. Download and install the latest W95 DUN client.

2. Disable the NIC:

     If you have a PC-CARD NIC, remove it.
     If you have a docking station, undock it.
     else, create an new hardware profile that disables the NIC.
     Note: If you have a multi-function NIC/Modem and you are running OSR2, you can disable just the NIC.

3. WINS must be installed on the network or create a LMHOSTS entry to locate the PDC.

     <IP Adress> <PDC Computer Name > #PRE #DOM:< Domain Name>

4. Change your Workgroup name to match the domain name on the Network Identification tab in Network Neighborhood properties.

When you logon to the Windows NT domain, it may take some time for the complete browse list to be built.

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