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JSI Tip 0845. SP4 adds new registry entries to Microsoft Message Queue Server (MSMQ).

The new entries are type REG_DWORD values located at:


DeferredInit defaults to 0 (range is 0 or 1). If set to 1, it will prevent the MSMQ service from contacting the Message Queue Information Store (MQIS) database at startup. This would prevent RAS from dialing at startup but it will delay programs that call the MQOpenQueue service when working offline.

WaitTime defaults to 60 seconds (0x3C) and has a range of 0 - 0xFFFFFFFF. This value determines the frequency with which the sending Queue Manager service can access the Directory Service service or perform name resolution as part of delivering outgoing messages. Use this value in environments in which TCP/IP or IPX machine addresses are changed often. Modifying this value may also be useful with messages submitted offline using a name format requiring access to the Directory Service service (Public or Private formats) or to perform name resolution (Direct format with a Universal Naming Convention or a Domain Name System computer name). .

A smaller value reduces the time it takes MSMQ to send messages once it reconnects to the network, but may cause a sending Queue Manager service to take longer to access the Directory Service service or while doing name resolution.

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