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JSI Tip 0552 - How do I use my domain profile on my laptop when I am not connected?


01. You are a member of the local Administrators group on your PC.
02. Your Domain Account has a local profile.

To create a local account that shares your domain profile:

01. Logon locally as Admininstrator and create a local account with the same UserName as your domain account.
     Note: Your PC can not be a domain controller.

02. Logon as this new account and logoff.

03. Logon locally as Admininstrator.

04. Verfiy that you now have a %Systemroot%\Profiles\UserName.000 folder.

05. Use Regedt32 and select the HKEY_USERS hive.

06. Load your domain profile by clicking Load Hive from the Registry Menu. Select your domain profile at

     %SystemRoot%\Profiles\%UserName%\Ntuser.dat where UserName is your domain account.

07. At the Key Name prompt, enter your UserName.

08. Select your UserName in HKEY_USERS and click Permissions from the Security menu.

09. Grant your local UserName Full Control
     (Add / List Names From <Local Machine> / Show Users).
     Click Replace Permissions on Exist Subkeys.

10. Click OK.

11. Select your UserName in HKEY_USERS and Unload Hive from the Registry menu.

12. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
     and locate your SID by inspecting each ProfileImagePath for the path in step 04.

13. Double click this ProfileImagePath and remove the .000 so it is equal to your domain profile.

14. Exit Regedt32.

15. Delete the %Systemroot%\Profiles\UserName.000 folder.

16. Logoff and logon locally as UserName

You will see your domain (and local) profile.

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