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JSI Tip 0248 - How do I configure Windows 95 to logon to a domain?

In User Manager for Domains, establish an account for the Windows 95 user.

In Windows 95, go to Control Panel / Network.

1. If Client for Microsoft Networks is not listed on the Configuration tab, add it.
2. Select Client for Microsoft Networks and click Properties. Check the Logon to Windows NT domain box and enter the domain name.
3. On the Configuration tab, change the Primary Network Logon to Client for Microsoft Networks.
4. On the Identification tab, change the Workgroup to the domain name.
5. On the Identification tab, make sure that the Computer Name is unique on the network.
6. On the Access Control tab, click User-level access control and enter the domain name.
7. On the Configuration tab, I recommend clicking File and Print Sharing and checking both boxes.

Shutdown and reboot the Windows 95 machine and logon to the domain.

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