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Join the Effort to Power IT Down

You've probably heard of Earth Day, but are you aware that today is Power IT Down Day? This second annual event, which is being promoted by Microsoft, HP, Intel, and Citrix, encourages individuals in government and industry to turn off their computers, monitors, printers and electronic devices at the end of the business day.

Companies as well as people are encouraged to participate. Companies such as Faronics, which produces PC power management software, have already pledged their participation.

On the HP website, you can register for the event and be included in a calculation of people who Power IT Down. Results will be posted online and a portion of the cost savings will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, which provides support for the nation's severely wounded military personnel. On the first Power IT Down Day, more than 2,800 people pledged their participation and conserved more than 37,000 kilowatt-hours.

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