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John Savill Master Series 8-3 Planning Your Organization’s Windows 8 Upgrade and Supporting Any User Device

Presented by: John Savill

Running Time: 49 min

Any operating system deployment is a big undertaking and Windows 8 is no exception. The good news is that Windows 8 maintains application compatibility from Windows 7. For organizations running Windows 7 the migration to Windows 8 should not require large amounts of application testing. Windows 8 will also run on any hardware that can run Windows 7, negating the need for large-scale hardware refreshes. However, there are still major changes and in this session we’ll explore considerations for migrating to Windows 8 and the processes for migration. We’ll look at new features such as Windows-To-Go, measured and trusted boot plus restoration of Windows state and we’ll demonstrate new MDOP capabilities that work with Windows 8. Last, we’ll show ways to make Windows 8 available to any device in any location and we’ll look at the relative advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

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