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Interop News: Datacom Unveils New 10Gb Data Filtering Taps and Switches

Enable efficient, affordable network monitoring for distributed and decentralized networks

At Interop, Datacom Systems announced the launch of a new line of affordable 10Gb data-filtering link aggregation TAPs and data access switches. The new devices provide test and monitoring access for 10Gb networks, improve monitoring efficiency and optimize network resources particularly for decentralized environments such as remote offices or anywhere departments and autonomous groups need efficient access to network data.

“Many of today’s new solutions are geared toward centralizing monitoring resources,” said Datacom Systems' Chris Koeneman. “While in some cases centralization can be ideal theoretically, we find that many times these solutions are too costly to purchase, too complex to manage, and simply unrealistic for many of our customer’s needs. This new line of products is aimed at providing the appropriate amount of technology, exactly where it is needed in the network—efficiently and effectively.”

The company's SINGLEstream 10G Link Aggregation Taps provide in-line full-duplex visibility at 10Gb, even for single-interface monitoring applications. The SINGLEstream line of 10G link aggregation taps enables bi-directional monitoring of 10Gb full duplex links by aggregating both Tx and Rx data streams into one single stream of traffic, allowing any connected monitoring device (including those with only one NIC) to receive a complete copy of all the data in a single trace file.

The company's VERSAstream 10G Data Access Switches with data filtering help network and security professionals overcome monitoring, troubleshooting, and deployment bottlenecks by providing efficient out-of-band monitoring access to 10Gb networks. Advanced filtering technology allows network analysts to customize the traffic flow sent to any monitoring tool based on configurable filters, such as IP address, port number, MAC address, VLAN, frame, protocol type, or customizable off sets in the IP header.

If you're at Interop this week, be sure to visit Datacom Systems at booth #930, or check out the company website

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