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Internet Explorer 4.0 "on track" for a March beta

This is from the sad but true department: Brad Chase, VP of Microsoft's Application and Internet Client Group announced yesterday that the company is "on track" to deliver the first Internet Explorer 4.0 beta by March. "On track"? There's something rotten in Redmond, and I believe it's affecting a few people's memory cells. I went to a "Microsoft at the Movies" PDC event in July 1996 where we were supposed to receive the first beta for IE 4. The product was demoed repeatedly during the live satellite broadcast, which was most definitely _not_ under any Non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Not surprisingly, IE 4 was not among the CDs we received that day although yet another Microsoft product manager gleefully announced that we'd receive them in the mail "within three weeks." Well, well. Needless to say, I have yet to see that beta copy of IE 4. I don't mind that it's late (well, actually I do mind a little). What really bothers me is this constant insistence that it's not late. Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make: Internet Explorer 4.0 is very, very late. An InfoWorld report about Internet Explorer 4.0 mentions that the final version of the product will be available in June. The delays stem from the inclusion of Dynamic HTML, which was originally to appear in Internet Explorer 5.0. Microsoft is planning to make IE 4 an interface choice for Windows 95 and NT. In an unrelated move, Microsoft will release the first beta of Internet Explorer 3.0 for the HP-UX and Solaris flavors of UNIX in February

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