I'm having problems installing Windows XP. How can I get more information about the installation?

A. The winnt32.exe executable includes a /debug switch that you can use to configure the amount of logging during setup. The switch lets you specify any of the following debugging levels:

  • 0-Only severe errors logged
  • 1-Errors
  • 2-Warnings
  • 3-Information
  • 4-Detailed information useful for debugging

Each level logs information about that level plus information about the previous level in the list. So, for example, level 2 would log warnings and errors. By default, the executable writes the debugging information to C:\winnt32.log (the default level used with the switch is level 2). To use the /debug switch, type

winnt32 /debug<level>

where <level> is the level number you want to use. You can change the name of the log file by adding :<file name> to the end of the command. For example,

winnt32 /debug4:C:\setupxp.log

would debug the installation at level 4 and log the information to the setupxp.log file in the root directory.

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