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IBM: Internet is killing off Windows

According to a report by Computer Reseller News, scientists at IBM have determined that the "bloatware" known as Windows is history thanks to the Internet. Tony Temple, an IBM fellow and user interface expert, says that a modern user interface would be written in XML not C++ so that it could easily be stitched together with components from all over the Web.

"You have to write more code \[with C++\] and the more code you write, the more code you have to rewrite if you've got to change it," he told CRN. "You want the least amount of code so if you want to change or adjust things you can do it in a very simple, speedy manner."

IBM fellow Alex Morrow agrees, calling XML the "lingua franca" of the Web.

"The Web has already nailed half of it," Temple said during a Lotus technology roundtable this week. "It has already taken out the double clicks and all those other complicated things. You don't have icons in the same shape and size.

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