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I Want My Xbox 2

Microsoft has announced a partnership with MTV to use all the network's TV channels to debut details about the next Xbox. The network will air a half-hour special hosted by actor Elijah "Frodo" Wood and a performance by rock group The Killers. The special will air on Thursday, May 12, at 9:30p.m. (EDT) in North America and the following day on MTV stations around the world. Microsoft is advertising the event as an exclusive look at the next-generation Xbox user experience, including never-before-seen game play of future Xbox games, information about the future of Xbox Live, celebrity interviews, and insider footage showing the making of the new console. will feature additional clips and information related to the console. Microsoft was originally expected to unveil the new Xbox to the world during a press event at the industry's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trade show, but the new plan bypasses tradition and leverages MTV's pop-culture status and reach to jumpstart the next-generation console wars. The special will probably mark the first time we've watched MTV since the days of Def Leppard and Madonna

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