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HP and N-trig Deliver Innovative Hands-On Computing

HP announced the release of the first PC notebook for consumers with multi-touch technology. HP was been working with N-trig, a provider of true hands-on computing interfaces, to integrate its multi-touch technology into the TouchSmart notebook. N-trig’s multi-touch capabilities transform the HP TouchSmart user’s experience with the computer screen by allowing the user to use all of his or her fingers to interact with applications. Notebook users can drag and drop, scroll, flick, and select capabilities directly on the computer LCD screen.

The intuitive hands-on computing interface can intelligently distinguish between pen and finger touch with no input from the user. Furthermore, it can differentiate between finger tips and a palm, eliminating any confusion about the correct interface input.

N-trig is the creator of the innovative DuoSense technology, combining pen and capacitive touch in a single device. Touch has been present within the PC world for several years, and DuoSense takes established technology to new levels, enabling a more intuitive, personal, and natural hands-on computing experience. Using zero-pressure capacitive touch, DuoSense technology provides software developers and OEMs the ability to customize hardware and software applications that enable a true multi-touch experience.

"We believe hands-on computing will change how the world interacts with computers. From image manipulation and gaming, to graphic and industrial design, N-trig is breaking down the barriers between humans and their machines," said Amihai Ben-David, CEO of N-trig. "Our technology enables OEMs and ISVs to create new depths of interaction through customization of applications that offer greater functionality, usability and capitalize on our ability to use two of the most basic extensions of the brain--the pen and our fingertips."

N-trig's DuoSense digitizers are designed to integrate easily, and support any type of screen, keep devices slim, light, and bright. The digitizers can support numerous applications, from small notebooks to large LCDs. Combined, pen and touch enables users to open files, manipulate pictures, and browse the desktop as they would the files on their desk.

Here is DuoSense at work:

Check out the technology at work in a large format:

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