How do I restrict access to the floppy drive?

A. The NT Resource Kit and the Zero Administration Kit come with FLOPLOCK service

  1. Install the FlopLock service
    instsrv FloppyLocker c:\reskit\floplock.exe
  2. Start the Service Control Panel Applet (Start - settings - control panel - services)
  3. Double click on FloppyLocker and make sure the System Account is selected.
  4. Set the startup to Automatic and click OK
  5. You can manually start the service to avoid the reboot by selecting FloopyLocker and click Start

With the service started on Windows NT Workstation, only members of the Administrators and Power Users groups can access the floppy drives. When the service is started on Windows NT Server, only members of the Administrators group can access the floppy drives.

To remove the service perform the following:

  1. Stop the FloppyLocker service (start - settings - control panel - services - FloppyLocker - Stop)
  2. Enter the command
    instsrv FloppyLocker remove

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