How do I extend a Volume Set?

A. Extending a volume set is very simple, however a reboot will be required

  1. Start Disk Administrator (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - Disk Administrator)
  2. Click on the existing Volume Set and hold down the Ctrl key
  3. Click on the area (or areas) of free space to be added (a black border will be shown around them)
  4. Choose "Extend Volume Set" from the Partition menu, or right click on one of the selected areas and this option will be shown.
  5. A dialog box will be shown asking how large the drive should be. Click OK
  6. From the Partition menu, select "Commit changes now"
  7. Answer the further dialogs and reboot the server.

The reboot will take longer than normal as the new area added has to be formatted to the same file system as the rest of the volume set.

Note: Only NTFS Volume Sets can be extended.

TAGS: Windows 8
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