How do I enable per volume/user disk space quotas on NTFS 5.0?

A. Windows 2000 introduces limited quota support which enables you to configured quota limits on a per user/per volume basis. You can't set a quota over multiple volumes.

Quotas are on file size and even if files are compressed you still only get the MB of amount of the files. If you had a 5MB quota and compressed your 5MB of files sing NTFS compression you would have used all your quota.

Quota support is only available on NTFS 5.0 volumes and is enabled as follows:

  1. Start Explorer
  2. Right click on the volume and select properties
  3. Check the 'Enable quota management' box
    Click here to view image
  4. You can set default options for new users and also set the actions to take if quota exceeded, either deny disk space or allow them to carry on. There are also various logging options, either when a user exceeds their warning level or when they exceed their actual quota.
  5. Click Apply
  6. A warning will be given. Click OK. The quota process will now check the volume and build up a list of current disk usage

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