How can I view the current owner of a file?

A. The normal method would be to right click on the file in Explorer, select Properties, click the Security tab and click Ownership. This will then show the current owner and give the option to take ownership.

To view from the command line you can use the SUBINACL.EXE utility that is shipped with the Windows NT Resource Kit Supplement 2. To view the current owner use as follows:

C:\> subinacl /file <file name>
// D:\Documents\<file name>
+ Owner = builtin\administrators
+ Primary Group= lnautd0001\domain users
+ System ACE count =0
+ Disc. ACE count =1

You could perform on *.* to list owners for all files in all subdirectories (no need for any /s switch).

TAGS: Windows 8
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