How can I mount ISO images under 64-bit Windows Vista?

A. After moving to 64-bit Vista so that I could see all 4GB of memory on my computer, I was quickly frustrated that I couldn't find a virtual CD/DVD program that would run on the platform. However, I recently discovered that MagicISO has a Virtual CD/DVD-ROM tool that runs under the 64-bit versions of Windows 2003, Vista, and XP.

You can download and install this tool from Magic ISO Maker ( You'll receive a warning that the driver isn't signed, but go ahead and accept. Once it's installed, you'll have a Virtual CD icon in the system tray that lets you mount and unmount images and add additional virtual drives. You can also capture the content of DVDs and CDs to an image file format. If you attempt to burn an image to media, you'll be taken to the MagicISO Website to download and purchase the full product, which enables the burning of images.

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