How can I decrease the time my machine takes to shutdown/reboot?

A. A. It is possible to manually shutdown each service (well some of them) and then shutdown the machine. To identify which services are running enter the command

net start

(you can add > \[filename\] to the end to make it output to a file, i.e. net start > services.lst). You can then try to shutdown each of them by entering the command

net stop "<service name>" ,e.g. net stop "spooler". Some services will ask you to enter a y to confirm, and for these just add /y to the end. You will be able to build up a list of all the services that can be manually stopped, and you should put these in a .bat file, e.g.

net stop "Computer Browser""
net stop "Messenger"
net stop "Workstation"

To the end of the file add the command

shutdown /r /y /l /t:0

to reboot the machine (leave of the /r to just shutdown the machine). SHUTDOWN.EXE is part of the Windows NT Resource Kit. You may also want to add @echo off to the start of the file. You could add a check to accept an input parameter to reboot or shutdown, e.g. save this file as shutfast.bat, and call using shutfast reboot, or shutfast shutdown

@echo off
net stop "Computer Browser""
net stop "Messenger"
net stop "Net Logon"
net stop "NT LM Security Support Provider"
net stop "Plug and Play"
net stop "Protected Storage"
net stop "Remote Access Autodial Manager"
net stop "Server"
net stop "Spooler"
net stop "TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper" /y
net stop "Workstation"

if %1==reboot goto reboot
shutdown /l /y /t:0
shutdown /l /y /r /t:0

You could add a shortcut on the desktop for this batch file with the relevant parameter.

You can also decrease the time NT waits for a service to stop before terminating it by performing the following:

  1. Start the registry editor (use regedt32.exe not regedit.exe)
  2. Move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control
  3. Double click on WaitToKillServiceTimeout (REG_DWORD) and change to the number of milliseconds after the logoff/shutdown before displaying the Wait, End Task and Close dialog box, e.g. 10000 for 10 seconds, the default is 20000
  4. Add HangAppTimeout (REG_DWORD) and change to the number of milliseconds to wait before displaying the Wait, End Task and Close dialog box after trying to close an application.
  5. Add AutoEndTasks (REG_DWORD) and change to 1 to avoid the dialog asking to Wait, End Task and Close.

I have been informed of an application TrapSD from which helps close applications at shutdown.

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