How can I configure the system so that certain commands run at boot up time?

A. A. There is a utility called AUTOEXNT which is supplied in a zip file. You use perform the following:

  1. From the AUTOEXNT.ZIP file extract the files autoexnt.exe, autoexnt.bat and servmess.dll to %systemroot%/system32
  2. Also extract the file INSTSRV.EXE to any directory (a temp directory will do)
  3. At the command prompt enter
    instsrv install
    This will create a new service called AutoExNT
  4. Edit the file %systemroot%/system32/autoexnt.bat and put in any commands you want to be run when the machine boots (such as a CHKDSK, etc.)

When the system boots in future the AutoExNT service will check for the existence of the file autoexnt.bat and execute any commands in it.

A version of this is also shipped with the resource kit, however it is better to use the downloadable version. To install the Resource kit version you have to type
instexnt install

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