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How can I check my machine's Security event logs?

A. GFI Software has launched a free service on the Web, EventLogScan, that uses an ActiveX control to scan your security event logs online, group them by severity, and warn of any problems. Full instructions as well as details about which audit settings you need to enable are available at . Because the tool uses ActiveX, Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) will ask you to execute a GFI ActiveX component. Details about the scan service from GFI's press release are as follows:

"EventLogScan is an immediate online service that analyzes all the events in the user's security event log and produces an HTML report listing all the critical, high and medium security events found on the user's machine, with a brief explanation of each. This way, users can automatically see how secure their system is without having to manually sort through the many security events generated by their machine each day - an activity that users usually do not have enough time for or do not know how to perform, due to the event log's cryptic/non-existent security event explanations and because of "noise" events that make up a large ratio of all security events."

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