Hitachi Pulls Ahead in Capacity Race

Hitachi Data Systems is set to release a new series of 3.5" hard disks with capacity ranging from 36.9GB all the way to 147.8GB. The DK32EJ series will put Hitachi ahead of rivals IBM and Seagate in the storage capacity of its hard drives. Hitachi expects to ship the new drives through server manufacturers in Europe starting in mid-2002.

IBM isn't standing still. Earlier this month, the company announced a 120GB IDE drive that is part of its Deskstar product line.

Hitachi's new drives will perform at 10,000rpms. The drive will have a density of 30GB per square inch and will be available in Ultra320 SCSI and fibre channel. The drive will be able to transfer data at speeds as fast as 500Mbps.

Hitachi also introduced new 2.5" hard disks designed for notebooks and other mobile devices. The drives will be 0.38" high, range in capacity from 10GB to 40GB, and feature Fluid Dynamic Bearings technology that helps keep the units quiet during operation.

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