Google Links with MySpace

Google announced Tuesday that it's now the exclusive provider of search services for MySpace, a social networking site that has quickly become one of the hottest online destinations. Under the terms of the deal, Google will provide Web search and MySpace-specific search services to MySpace users.

Although complete terms of the deal haven't been revealed, Google will pay MySpace (and other sites owned by News Corporation that are covered in the terms of this deal) at least $900 million in revenue-sharing payments between early 2007 and the middle of 2010. Google will use search-based ad revenues to pay this sum.

The potential earnings for both companies are huge. MySpace had 23 billion page views in June and, based on traffic, was rated the number-six Web site in the United States. The site has more than 73 million registered users, most of whom are teens and young adults.

In related news, Google also announced a deal this week with MTV Networks in which Google, supported by its exclusive network of advertisers, will distribute MTV video content. Google says it will make video ads available via its AdSense program, in addition to more traditional text and image ads.

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