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Global groups over 20 characters create problems, why?

A. When you create a global group using User Manager it will not allow you to create a global group of more than 20 characters, Local groups do not have this restriction.

This limit is imposed to allow for interoperability with OS/2 LAN Manager, DOS LAN Manager, IBM LAN Server, and Windows for Workgroups.

You may have created a global group of more than 20 characters if you wrote a custom application that called the NetGroupAdd() function. Always limit your programs to 20 characters using LM20_GNLEN constant as defined in LMCONS.H.

You may find the group works fine until you try to access it in User Manager then you would get the message below:

The following error occurred accessing the properties of the group <group name>:

The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

The group properties cannot be edited or viewed at this time.

To fix the problem you would need to write a custom app calling the NetGroupDel function as you can't rename a global group.

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