Fire & Water Toolkit Beta Available

NTObjectives (NTO) announced that its new Fire & Water Toolkit is now available for public beta. The toolkit is an assessment and defense tool that you can use on local and remote networks.

NTO said, "Fire & Water is a collection of cohesive, interactive command line tools that perform network discovery, mapping, assessment and reporting; as well as robust web server defense. By using XML output interactively, Fire & Water can easily and effectively manage multiple scans and their resulting output via standard output in the command line, CSV, HTML reports (created via XSL templates provided with the tools), or through custom report formats by creating your own XSLT templates."

We reported that previously, Foundstone had obtained a temporary restraining order against NTO that attempted to prevent the release of the toolkit. However, a press release on the NTO Web site said that, "In a precedent-setting case, the court denied Foundstone’s request to issue a preliminary injunction against NTO, stating lack of detail in the allegations and the absence of any supporting evidence."

The toolkit contains several components, including ntoscan, ntoweb, ntoroute, ntomap, ntotrend, and ntowire. For a description of the components and to download the toolkit, visit the NTO Web site.

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