Exabyte Announces Second-Generation VXA Tape Drive

Exabyte announced its VXA-2 tape-backup system, a second-generation VXA tape drive. The VXA-2 increases capacity and performance over the VXA-1, but it still offers full read-and-write compatibility with the previous version. Exabyte is positioning the VXA-2 as an alternative to DDS-backup technology and is targeting small businesses. The VXA-2 can store 160GB on a single tape cartridge with an average 2:1 data-compression ratio and transfer speeds of 12Mbps. By comparison, the DDS-4 technology holds only 40GB with data compression. The VXA-2 competes with DDS technology, as well as with DLT, Super DLTtape (SDLT), and Linear Tape-Open (LTO) backup technology. Exabyte's internal VXA-2 drive is available now in select markets for $999 with wide availability in September.


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