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Diskeeper: The product and the company

If you’ve never heard of Executive Software, you probably have heard of Diskeeper, their popular file system defragmentation product. Executive Software has officially changed its name to Diskeeper Corporation to reflect the 19 year success of Diskeeper. Microsoft originally purchased the defragmentation technology built in to Windows from Executive Software, but Diskeeper adds features like scheduled and background defragmentation.

Diskeeper will still offer Sitekeeper, their patch and systems management product, and Undelete, their deleted file protection and recovery utility, in addition to the Diskeeper 9 defragmentation utility.

If you're computer seems slow as of late, defragmentation is often a quick and easy solution. If remembering to use Microsoft's built-in utility seems tedious, try one of the commercial offerings from Diskeeper, Raxco, O&O Software, and others.

-- Adam Carhede

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