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Deploy Registry Modifications


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Recently, I needed to find a way to deploy customized registry settings to eight servers running IIS 4.0. After some searching, I found the capability I needed in the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit's regini.exe tool, which let me create script files in the .ini file format. Most of my company's IIS servers have customized registries, so I wanted to create a few scripts that would automate the registry-modification process. Web Listing 1 (at, InstantDoc ID 25229) shows an example of such an .ini file. After I created this script file, I could simply run the regini.exe executable against the script—for example,

regini.exe C:\temp\secureiis.ini

This tool saves me the time and effort of modifying individual system registries and guarantees that the changes are properly implemented. You can also use the tool to automate the deletion of registry entries.

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