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Dedicated Print Appliance Can Help Reduce Energy Costs

SEH Technology offers the ISD300-PoE intelligent spooling device. The ISD300-PoE connects to your network as a secured appliance, where it spools and manages print jobs and handles print queries. This dedicated print appliance is a Power over Ethernet (PoE)-enabled network device, which means it's powered directly through the Ethernet data cable. No external power connection is required.

The ISD300-PoE uses integrated components and doesn't require a fan, which results in lower energy consumption when compared with traditional servers and appliances. As such, it can help companies reduce energy costs and be more environmentally friendly (i.e., become green).

For companies that want to implement green printing practices, SEH Technology offers these tips:

  • Optimize your printer pool. When possible, replace locally connected printers that are used by only one person with network printers that are used by multiple people.
  • Make sure all network components for printing are optimized for saving energy. For example, use printers that have a sleep mode and are ENERGY STAR qualified printers. According to ENERGY STAR, printers that meet its imaging equipment specification are 25 percent more efficient than conventional models. To find ENERGY STAR qualified printers, go to the ENERGY STAR Printers, Scanners, and All-in-One Devices Web page.
  • Relieve server load from print job spooling by using intelligent network solutions, such as strategically placing print spool appliances. This helps reduce energy costs because you're not running and cooling full-blown servers.
  • Make sure that the size and type of network printers match the printing needs of users. In addition, control access to printers to avoid unnecessary printing.
  • Completely shut down printers overnight or when they're not in use.

For more information about the ISD300-PoE, go to the SEH Homepage.

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