CSS Releases a Secure Remote-equipment Management Device for Large Organizations

CSS, a developer and manufacturer of software and hardware secure remote management tools, announced the release of ComView IPw, a multifunction device for remote access, control, and alarm monitoring of networked equipment and sensors for large sites with high I/O requirements.

ComView IPw integrates

  • a 32-bit processor
  • an eight-port console server
  • a two-port 10/100 Ethernet firewall router
  • an IP port server
  • an IPSec VPN/OpenVPN gateway
in a 1U rack-mountable, standalone device.

The company says ComView IPw enables remote-equipment and site administration and monitoring, including real-time alarm monitoring, SNMP mediation, and environmental condition monitoring.

ComView IPw can monitor serial data streams, TCP-socket ASCII data streams, SNMP traps, TCP/IP server status, and contact inputs for user-definable alarm conditions, according to CSS. Alarms can be delivered to multiple locations with different means and formats, including SNMP, emails, and ASCII messages.

The ComView IPw includes a built-in task scheduler and supports Perl scripting to enable automation of routine administrator tasks and event response. CSS also offers a downloadable ASCII file that the company says enables quick and efficient device configuration. The company says pricing is subject to product model and configuration.

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