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Covering the Regulatory Bases

I recently read an excellent article at Enterprise IT, "Are Regulators the New Network Architects?" ( . This well-written, thoughtful exploration of the complexity of security compliance regulations touched a nerve with me. Every week, I see product announcments for software that's designed to help you meet government requirements for protecting your data and your customers. The most recent announcement was from BindView, which aptly describes its new release of Compliance Center 2.1 as a "translater" that helps IT professionals and regulators talk to each other. (You can read the product announcement at .)This is a wonderful description of a much-needed product, but it emphasizes the fact that IT pros and regulators aren't always working toward the same goal--or even speaking the same language. IT pros have spent innumerable hours trying to make data accessible to information workers in an increasingly mobile workplace. Now you have to lock down that same data in ways that might ultimately undo all the work you did to get information to the people who need it.

Clearly, from the number of product announcements I see, software and other resources are available to help you. But what specific information do you need about how to use these tools? What kinds of how-to articles would you like to see in SQL Server Magazine and Windows IT Pro?

We always welcome your feedback, and we want to know what you need to do your jobs. Send your requests to [email protected] and [email protected] and tell us how we can help!

Dawn Cyr

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