Companies Placing More Focus on Security

CompTIA reports that on average, companies are placing more focus on security as the years roll on. Security-related budgets are up, as is proactive prevention, including security-related training.

According to a study commissioned by CompTIA, roughly 60 percent of US-based companies require their IT staff to take security training and more than 50 percent offer security training for non-IT staff. The study also revealed that companies spend about 12 percent of the IT budget on security-related needs. That figure is up from 7 percent in 2005.

Even so, breaches still occur. Companies spent an average of $200,000 due to breaches over the past year. CompTIA said that handling security breaches takes up a consider amount of time. Canadian and US IT workers spent about 10 percent of their time on security incidents. The problem is twice as bad in China, where IT workers spent approximately 20 percent of their time handling security incidents.

Mobile and remote computing are growing concerns. However, the study revealed that viruses, worms, and spyware are still among the top threats faced by businesses today.

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