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Coming Soon: PDC 2005!

Less than a month from now, Microsoft will gather thousands of software developers from around the globe in Los Angeles and kick off Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2005, a highly-anticipated event that will center on Windows Vista, Office 12, and other upcoming Microsoft technologies. PDC 2005 will begin September 13 and feature a keynote address by Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill Gates and appearances by several other Microsoft executives.

"For nearly two decades Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference has served as a place for developers passionate about software to connect with their peers in the global developer community," a Microsoft press release notes. "Attendees can attend in-depth technology sessions and hear about the latest technology advancements through keynote addresses, interactive labs, community forums such as Ask the Experts and Birds of a Feather sessions, and many more activities. Developers at PDC05 will also benefit from symposiums that present vital information on important topics such as the future of software security and architecture."

In October 2003, Microsoft embarked on the most ambitious PDC of all time, revealing details about Windows Vista--then known by its Longhorn codename--for the first time. This PDC is expected to be just as exciting and information-packed, and as you might expect, I'll be covering the entire event live here in WinInfo and on the SuperSite for Windows. Stay tuned!

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