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Chicago Man Sues Microsoft Over Xbox 360

A Chicago man is suing Microsoft because his Xbox 360 overheated, alleging the company rushed the product to market despite quality problems. The man says that Microsoft was aware of the Xbox 360's design flaw before it launched the product.

The suit maintains that Microsoft was more concerned with launching Xbox 360 before next-generation competition from Sony and Nintendo than it was with making sure that Xbox 360 is free from defects. The plaintiff claims that his Xbox 360's power supply and processing unit overheated, causing the console to lock up. He's seeking an unspecified amount in damages and expenses related to the lawsuit.

Microsoft is aware that a few Xbox 360 units don't work properly, and the company has promised to repair problematic units via overnight delivery. "We have received a few isolated reports of consoles not working as expected," a Microsoft spokesperson said last week. Although the company would not specify how many complaints it has received, Microsoft describes the amount as a "very, very small fraction" of all units sold so far.

In related news, Microsoft will begin selling Xbox 360 in its third major market, Japan, on Saturday. Japan is also the third largest video-game market in the world, and a crucial one for Microsoft because the company took a beating there with the original Xbox. Microsoft will roll out Xbox 360 throughout Asia in February and March 2006, the company says.

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