Can I use normal Hot fixes on Windows NT Terminal Server Edition?

A. It depends. Some components of Windows NT Terminal Server Edition are specially modified and some are not. You will need to check if the file you are replacing is specially modified for Terminal Server Edition:

Enter the command:

C:\> filever /v <filename>

-r--- W32i DRV ENU 4.0.1381.32772 shp 25,840 06-08-1998 atapi.sys
FileDescription ATAPI IDE Miniport Driver
OriginalFilenam atapi.sys
ProductName Microsoft(R) Windows NT(TM) Operating System
ProductVersion 4.00

Signature: feef04bd
FileVer: 00040000:05658004 (4.0:1381.32772)
ProdVer: 00040000:05658004 (4.0:1381.32772)

We are interested in the FileVer property. If the final number is greater than 32767 then the file was built for Terminal Server, you should therefore only apply a hotfix that is specially released for Terminal Server.

The actually bit value we are interested in is the 0x8000 bit. If set then it is modified for Terminal Server. Below is a file that is not specially modified for Terminal Server

Signature: feef04bd
FileVer: 00040000:05650004 (4.0:1381.4)
ProdVer: 00040000:05650004 (4.0:1381.4)

Special Terminal Server fixes can be found under

In Windows 2000 this will not be the case as Terminal Server is just a component of the normal product.

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