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Buy Microsoft Office 95 now and get Office 97 for free

Buy any Microsoft Office 95 product and get a FREE upgrade. If you acquire any version of the Microsoft products listed below between 10/3/96 and 3/31/97, you may upgrade to the corresponding Office 97 version of the same product for the cost of shipping and handling plus applicable tax. Qualifying Products . Microsoft Office for Windows 95, Professional Edition . Microsoft Office for Windows 95, Standard Edition . Microsoft Word for Windows 95 . Microsoft Excel for Windows 95 . Microsoft Access for Windows 95 . Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows 95 . Microsoft FrontPage? version 1.1 . Home Essentials To qualify for this offer you must provide your original, dated sales receipt as proof of purchase for the corresponding product. To receive your product, print the coupon, complete it, and mail it with your proof of purchase to the appropriate address listed below. Offer good through 3/31/97. In the 50 United States: Microsoft Office 97 Guaranteed Upgrade P.O. Box 810 Buffalo, NY 14207-0810 In Canada: Microsoft Office 97 Upgrade Microsoft Guaranteed Upgrade P.O. Box 643 Fort Erie, ON L2A 6M1 Shipping and handling cost is $7.50 for CD, $10 for 3 disks

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