In Brief: RSS, Twingo, XP2, cPanel, and Storage Utilities

New RSS Feeds from Windows & .NET Magazine

Did you know that Windows & .NET Magazine recently launched a new series of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) content feeds? You can use the new RSS feeds to remain constantly up to date on new articles across our network of Web sites, and you can even use them to integrate our content into your own Web sites. Check it out!

Cisco Buys Twingo

Startup company Twingo announced that it has reached an agreement with Cisco Systems, who will acquire Twingo for $5 million in cash. Partnered with Sygate Technologies and CIGNEX, Twingo develops desktop security technologies for Macintosh, Linux, and Windows systems that help provide secure remote access and protect user data that might otherwise remain exposed to unauthorized users.

Windows XP2

There is plenty of talk about how Windows XP2, errr... Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) is shaping up. For those of you who are interested, there are a couple of resources you might want to read. One resource is Microsoft's own documentation (whitepaper and Web site). The other is Steve Friedl's “Analysis of Microsoft XP Service Pack 2,” which offers a view into the new service pack from an independent security consultant's perspective.

Problems in cPanel

If you operate one of the numerous sites that use the cPanel Web site configuration tool then be aware that there are two newly discovered vulnerabilities that could allow remote users to execute unauthorized commands or inject commands into another user's Web browser. Be sure to check for the updated version at the cPanel Web site.

SCO, Microsoft, and BayStar

Wondering which end is up with regard to The SCO Group, Microsoft, and BayStar? Peter Galli discusses his findings for eWeek. Apparently, Microsoft introduced BayStar to SCO, and BayStar eventually made a $50 million dollar investment in SCO.

Storage Utilities: All Dressed Up and No Place to Go

Jerry Cochran writes that “if your IT shop is like many, you've either already deployed a storage utility or doing so is on your list of the top five things to do or investigate over the next year. Unfortunately, many organizations--caught up in the hype of storage consolidation--haven't carefully considered the hurdles they must overcome and identified the factors that will influence the success of a storage utility ... Making the storage utility a compelling service offering isn't easy. Manageability--including Storage Resource Management (SRM), disaster recovery and business continuance, and security--is one key reason for the difficulty. ” Read what else Cochran has to say in our recent edition of Storage UPDATE Newsletter.

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