Bomgar Updates Remote Control Software

The update adds Windows 7 support and the ability to invite people outside of your company to share the screen of someone you're supporting.

The new version of Bomgar's remote control software is scheduled to be available Monday, Nov. 16. The software is designed to make things easy for users—they just have to go to a site specified by help desk staff and click a link to allow control of their PC.

This new release adds support for Windows 7 and expands support for Linux and Mac machines. It also adds a feature called "Rep Invite" that allows help desk staff to invite someone, inside or outside of the company, to share the screen view of the computer in question. This could be used, for example, to bring a vendor in to help diagnose a problem with a user, just by sending the vendor an email.

Bomgar CEO Joel Bomgar said the transition to Windows 7 will likely cause an increase in the need for IT support software—even though Windows 7 is a solid OS, the change from the 8-year-old XP OS will cause some problems, or at least questions, from users.

Bomgar said an increase in users who travel with computers or work from home has also increased the need for help desk software.

"The environment out there is a lot less unified that it used to be, as far as where your users are and how you support them," Bomgar said.

Users under a maintenance agreement with Bomgar can receive the upgraded version of the software for free. More information about the new version is available at the product's site and in the press release about the new version.

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