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Avamar Leaps from Tape to Disk

Let's face it: Tape-based backup and recovery is on the verge of obsolescence. The market has lived too long with the high failure rate of tape. We're now seeing the dawn of online, disk-based solutions, and Avamar Technologies ( is right there in the thick of it. "Stop using tape!" seemed to be the rallying cry as Avamar's CTO Rory Bolt and CMO Brian Anderson recently sat down with us to talk about the company's recent addition to its Axion line of backup-and-recovery products.

Axion 3.0 is a multiplatform, disk-based backup solution that offers manageability and client-coverage enhancements to an already groundbreaking system. Axion 3.0 offers a 90 percent reduction in secondary storage, ensuring that only one instance of any data object is stored no matter how often the object is duplicated across systems and over time. With Axion, you'll also see a 99 percent reduction in network traffic, a 50 percent reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO), and better than a 50 percent reduction in the backup window. Best of all, you can access all data stored on an Axion system online, so you can achieve real-time restorations at any time. You can even perform production backups during business hours!

—Jason Bovberg

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