Authentify Helps Solve E-Commerce Authentication Woes

This week, Authentify, Inc., announced the release of its flagship product, Authentify|Register. Authentify's new product authenticates Internet users with a two-factor technique that also adds to existing audit trails. According to company representatives, Authentify|Register adds another layer of security to secure registration systems by synchronizing a user's registration process with an automated outbound telephone call to that user. During the call, the user must enter data on the telephone keypad and have his or her voice data recorded for use in custom applications.

Peter Tapling, president and CEO of Authentify, said, "Authentify|Register moves beyond password and \[personal identification numbers (PINs)\] in order to reach behind the computer and touch the individual behind an e-business transaction." Tapling also said that the company mVPN uses Authentify|Register to control access to virtual private networks (VPNs) by securely distributing the prerequisite digital certificates to end users.

Authentify recently joined the RSA Secured Partner Program to support interoperability between Authentify|Register and RSA's Keon PKI-based software solutions. Authentify|Register heightens the level of security during Keon's OneStep user registration process.

"There is a definite need in the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) space to ensure user identities during an automated digital identity enrollment process," added Tapling. "The level of non-repudiation in a transaction is increased by assuring identities during this process, and by capturing an audit trail of the entire transaction."

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