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August Reader Challenge Solutions

A systems administrator is trying to remotely administer a Windows 95 workstation. He doesn’t see a particular user's computer listed in Server Manager. However, the user is logged on and working.

The systems administrator used the default Show Domain Members Only view in Server Manager. Win95 and Windows NT machines are not equal domain members. Win95 computers log on to a domain, whereas NT computers join a domain (i.e., become members of the domain). As domain members, NT computers must have a Security Accounts Manager (SAM) and provide a security ID (SID).

When you activate the Show Domain Members Only view in Server Manager, you automatically turn off browser enumeration. Server Manager lists Win95 computers only when the browser displays the list. To see Win95 computers in Server Manager, you must deselect View, Show Domain Members Only.

A similar problem occurs if your domain has stand-alone NT 3.51 servers and you select Show Domain Members Only. Server Manager views NT 3.51 machines as workstations rather than servers. Only the browser can tell the difference between NT 3.51 workstations and servers. Server Manager cannot discern an NT 3.51 server and assumes it's a workstation.

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