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Apple Updates iPod mini and iPod photo

Apple announced updates to its iPod mini and iPod photo product lines last week. On the iPod mini front, the company lowered the price of the 4GB model from $249 to $199 and added a new 6GB model, which retails for $249. The new price point for the 4GB model is exactly what the unit should have cost 1 year ago, but it now lacks some accessories that were standard on the original model, including an AC adapter ($29.99) and a FireWire cable ($19; only a USB 2.0 cable is provided, by default). Both iPod mini devices feature much improved battery life, however, touted at 18 hours by Apple. The new iPod mini comes in four colors, three of which are new—but despite the rampant rumors that suggested otherwise, the company hasn't added a color screen or FM tuner. The iPod photo, which does ship with a color screen, has also been updated. The company introduced a 30GB model for $349 and a new 60GB model for $449. The iPod photo lets you view digital photo sideshows on the device, but its small screen makes the feature a silly novelty. Not surprisingly, these devices are still way overpriced. Maybe next time

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