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AirWatch MDM Agent

AirWatch Releases a MDM Client for Windows 8 and Windows RT

Without any fanfare AirWatch has released a Mobile Device Management (MDM) client for Windows 8 and Windows RT. 

Without any fanfare (no press release or mention on their web site), AirWatch has released a Mobile Device Management (MDM) client for Windows 8 and Windows RT. AirWatch has been in the mobile management business for a long while and is regularly included in proof-of-concepts for MDM planning.

The AirWatch web site lists the usual suspects for platform support: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Mac OS X, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded, and Windows Phone, but the site has yet to be updated to include this new client for Windows 8 and Windows RT.

The AirWatch MDM Agent is available for download from the Windows Store: 


AirWatch MDM Agent


If you're using an AirWatch solution already and have added Surface RT and/or Surface Pro clients on your network, you should check this out. Given that Microsoft's System Center Suite is selling hand-over-fist, there's a good chance many reading this are using System Center Configuration Manager.  Configuration Manager 2012 with SP1 gives customers the option to manage the Surface Pro like any normal endpoint, but also Surface RT through a Windows Intune conduit between on-premise and the Cloud.

If you weren't aware of this option for Configuration Manager, the following document gives a great overview:

How to Manage Mobile Devices by Using the Windows Intune Connector in Configuration Manager


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