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About next week...

I'm heading back to the Bay area again next week to get some work done on the Web server and prepare a new database-driven, dynamic version of the Internet Nexus Web site. I'll have more information next week, but the Nexus will soon feature the past few months of WinInfo in a searchable database. Additionally, dynamic news content, appearing on several Nexus pages, will be generated automatically from the WinInfo database, allowing the Nexus to be constantly updated without my intervention. I'm using Microsoft Visual InterDev to make this project come together and I think you'll be amazed when you see it.

I'll be in San Francisco from Sunday through Thursday, by the way, but I don't expect this to interfere with the publication of WinInfo. I will be checking my mail as well, though not as often as I can when I'm home.

We've got a big WinInfo today. Be sure to check out the excellent tips at the end of today's newsletter if you're interested in integration between Windows NT and 95 on the same system.

Have a great weekend,


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