7 Ways to Use Group Policy to Make Windows More Secure

Tips, how-to's, and steps to take

Group Policy is the multi-tool of the Windows Server world, a virtual army knife with built-in screwdriver, bottle opener, toothpick, fish hook, scissors, and hacksaw. In this era of cost-cutting, it's a tool you can't afford not to use, whether to manage, secure, or deploy technology within your environment. Here are seven tips for ways you can use Group Policy to secure Windows Server 2003.

7. Force Group Policy to refresh.

6. Assign software to a specific group. 

5. Block specific applications.

4. Hide users' logon information.

3. Restrict the application of Group Policy Object (GPOs) by client OS.

2. Audit permission changes.

1. Require complex passwords.



TAGS: Windows 8
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