What You Need To Be Ready for Windows 7

Reliable sources are saying the RC will be available very soon. Are you ready for the new OS?

Ars Technica reported Saturday that, as is happening suspiciously often lately, Microsoft accidently posted a page early over the weekend with information about an upcoming release. This time the page indicated that the Release Candidate (RC) for Windows 7 would be available to the public on May 5, and even sooner to TechNet and Microsoft Developer Network subscribers.

Surveys show that most businesses aren't planning to move to Windows 7 right away, but the OS has proven to be very popular—ever since the beta came out it seems like new interim builds of Windows 7 attract attention every week. Even if your shop isn't migrating, you're going to be asked about Windows 7 by family members and CFOs. So here are a few points to make sure you know about as the OS's launch approaches.

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