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New Windows 7 Update Shows Up Just to Improve Upgrades to Windows 8.x

New Windows 7 Update Shows Up Just to Improve Upgrades to Windows 8.x

If you checked your WSUS catalog today, you probably noticed a new update (2952664) available for Windows 7.

The latest update is for all versions of Windows 7 with SP1 and simply provides the installation of additional files to help the upgrade experience for those choosing to migrate to Windows 8.x. With the release of the desktop-improved Update 1 for Windows 8.1, it's assumed that many additional Windows 7 users might be more comfortable now with upgrading to Microsoft's modern operating system. And, it's clear that Microsoft is paving the way for the release of Update 2 that is rumored to release in August or September and bring back the Start Menu. Not the original Start Menu found in Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, mind you, but one revamped to better match the new operating system and satisfy those customers feeling miffed that Microsoft took it away in the first place.

A KB article is now associated with the new Windows 7 upgrade update and can be found here: Compatibility update for upgrading Windows 7

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